Get a full view of your business and operations - and gain new insights into costs, revenues, payroll, purchasing and margins. 

Restaurateurs analyse data in their restaurant. Optimising their business.
Full control of


Compare and analyse - by day, unit or employee.


Produce statistics that make a difference for you.

My City

Compare the evening with the other bars nearby.

Top lists

See what sells the most - and what makes the most money.

Better pay percentage every day.

Keep track of revenue and costs per day, hour and station - and see profitability broken down by kitchen, service and bar. 

Tina Saric
Caspeco's analytical tools give us daily follow-up - down to TB2.
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Have full control directly in your laptop
Track your data in real time

Compare with yourself and the neighbouring restaurant.

Compare revenue, payroll and costs with last year, the rest of the group or even other pubs in your area or city. 

Optimize purchasing and sales.

Analyse margins and sales on raw materials and beverages - and see what you should be selling more of to take profitability to the next level. 

Analyze margins

Dashboards and Business Intelligence


Produce statistics that make a difference to your business - for the company, department, group or even per employee.

Different sources in the same view

Caspeco dashboards are built to be flexible and adaptable to your needs. That means we've made it possible to retrieve information that's important to you. For most, this involves pulling data from other restaurant systems and accounting systems, but we also have customers who want to build in weather data from the SMHI, for example.

Build reports that suit you

Generate reports that are relevant to your business, with the metrics you need to grow profitably.

Group dashboard ...

Compare your units with the right metrics, compare outcomes across the group and get an overview of each department - in the same smart view.

... Or per department or employee

And just as you can see the connections at the macro level, you can see the details. Build dashboards by department or by employee - and add the metrics that matter to you.

My City


Wondering how the neighborhood bars did yesterday? Caspeco Analysis will give you the answers.

Compare yourself with your neighbours

Wondering how the neighborhood bars did yesterday? Caspeco Analysis will give you the answers. Here you can compare yourself in different ways with other pubs that work with us at Caspeco, and there are many.

Check the trend in the city

In addition to comparing yesterday's sales, you can also check trends by day of the week. Here you can see the trend for the neighbouring bars compared to the same day last week. Did you have a good Monday while the others had a bad one - or maybe it's the other way around?

Top lists


See what sells the most and earns the most - and get insights on how to optimise your sales.

Top selling items

See what you sell most of and get an overview of each product's margins - so you know what you're actually earning from your sales.

Your best margins

Or turn your perspective around and see which products you should be selling more of - the ones that are most profitable.

Boston Matrix

Our popular Boston Matrix is an easy way to get an overview of total sales when you want to evaluate and change the sales mix. Here you can see the contribution margin of each product or right - maybe you have products you should focus more on and others you shouldn't even have in the range?

Sales at operator level

When organising sales competitions - or to reward additional sales - you can also monitor and analyse sales at operator level.



Compare yourself with yesterday, your peers or other units in the group - with the key figures that matter to you.

Compare sales how you want

How did you sell on Tuesday, Midsummer's Eve, in week 29 or in February? Caspeco Analysis gives you the answers you need to make the right business decisions.

Wage costs and hours worked

Similarly, you can compare wage costs and hours worked, wage rates and sales per hour worked - broken down by station if you wish.

Benchmark against others and the Group

And everything you can compare, you can also compare against other companies in your sector or city, or against the other entities in the group.


Are you integrated with our POS?

Caspeco is integrated with virtually all POS systems, and we can also retrieve data back in time.

How much does Caspeco's different systems cost?

The price of Caspeco's different systems is adapted to your business, so that everyone can use professional systems, independent of size. Then, of course, you get a better deal if you choose to use several of Caspeco's systems.

Do we have to enter the raw material costs manually?

In most cases, we get them via the import of cash data or via FreshX.

Can we build our own reports?

Yes, you can build pretty much any report you want, or we can build the reports for you.

Can you enter your budget?

Yes, we can convert most excel sheets to our input format and load it.

Can you have multiple Dashboards?

Yes, the number of Dashboards is infinite and you can even see multiple companies in the same Dashboard.

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