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What is required to become an approved POS system?


What is required to become an approved cash register system at the Swedish Tax Agency?

According to the Tax Procedure Act (SFL), a cash register must be certified. To meet the requirement of the Swedish Tax Agency, the cash register must be manufacturer-declared and have a control unit or control system(Swedish Tax Agency, 2022).

How does a cash register become manufacturer-declared?

It is the Swedish Tax Agency's regulations that govern and must be met for a cash register system to be approved as manufacturer-declared. The cash register must meet the requirements of the regulations in order to be certified. The manufacturer's declaration thus shows that the requirements of the regulations are in line with the cash register(Chapter 8, Section 1, SKVFS 2014:9).

As a restaurant owner, it is important to ensure that you use a cash register that complies with legal requirements. This means that a cash register can reliably show all entries that have been made, as well as the programming and settings that constitute processing history according to the Bookkeeping Act (1999:1078)(Chapter 39, Section 8 SFL).

What is meant by control units and control systems?

What is meant by control unit and control system is the function of securely storing the receipt data of the cash register for the control activities of the Tax Agency. The legislation is intended to ensure the security deemed necessary to preserve receipt data recorded in the cash register in order to achieve the security required for tax control purposes. Receipt data must therefore be transferred to a control unit or to a control system on an ongoing basis.

What happens if I use a cash register that is not approved?

If you use a cash register that is not approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, it means that you are using a cash register that does not comply with the Swedish law on cash registers correctly. As a consequence, you risk an inspection fee (fine) if the cash register and certified control unit are not approved by the Swedish Tax Agency(Swedish Tax Agency, 2022). 

By using Caspeco's POS system, you never have to worry about inspections by the tax authorities, whether you use cash, express cash or mobile payments. We assist you by always registering your cash registers with the Tax Agency when we are on site for installation and training.

You can find Caspeco on the Swedish Tax Agency's list of manufacturer-declared cash registers here.

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Note this article is only a simplified summary of the basic principles and laws that apply to cash registers according to the Swedish Tax Agency. Please refer to the source references for in-depth knowledge of each section, law and regulation.

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