After Leeroy's sudden bankruptcy - Crispy Pizza Bistro chooses Caspeco as new system supplier


Caspeco secures Crispy Pizza Bistro's system operation after Leeroy's sudden bankruptcy. This is now clear following negotiations in which Caspeco becomes the new system provider for Crispy Pizza Bistro's four units and its sister unit Suris Street Food. Both parties are positive about the future.

"We look forward to working with Caspeco. Working with a supplier that has expertise across so many system parts feels safe and like a good breeding ground for further expansion," says Henrik Salén, CEO of Crispy Pizza Bistro.

When POS system provider Leeroy Group AB filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2022, the future was uncertain for many of its customers.

Sudden bankruptcies like this one highlight the central role of systems in the industry. Many businesses are completely dependent on their systems operation to even open for business. This in turn places high demands on the choice of system provider.

"The bankruptcy of a supplier is rarely optimal, but it also provides an opportunity to renew and improve the way we run our business, both centrally and at the franchisees' units," continues Crispy Pizza Bistro's CEO Henrik Salén.

In addition to POS systems, the agreement also includes staff management and analytical systems - a system solution known as Caspeco 360, which offers a breadth that Crispy sees great potential in. Good news for Caspeco and Crispy Pizza Bistro, both of which are coming out stronger.

"Of course, it's great to work with chains with good products and ambitions like Crispy Pizza Bistro, it fits well with our motto By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs", says Caspeco's CEO Krister Fingal.