Digital receipts for restaurants via Kivra and Casapeco

Digital receipts at Caspeco


Offer digital receipts in your restaurant

Caspeco is the first in the industry to offer digital receipts to restaurant guests via the Kivra app. When the guest swipes their payment card, the card terminal detects that the card is registered with Kivra and sends a digital receipt to the guest's phone. Eliminate the manual handwriting of email addresses and send out automatically to an app the guest already uses and collects their receipts with.

Read more on the Kivra website about receipts.

The benefits of digital receipts


KIVRA now has over 5 million users, making it accessible to almost all your guests to get their receipts in an app they already use and know. Guests have already registered their payment card in the app with Kivra, then when they make a purchase with you, the payment terminal detects the card and sends the receipt directly to the guest's phone. This means that neither you nor the guest have to actively do anything to ensure that the receipt ends up in the right place. Today, over 90 million receipts have already been sent via Kivra. 

Share the bill

The benefits of having a digital receipt in a restaurant are many for guests. Many people today choose to save the physical receipt to split the bill afterwards, with a digital receipt it becomes even easier for them to save and share the receipt digitally. 

Expenditure report

Expenses or entertainment for business customers couldn't be easier with digital receipts. Guests can choose to register multiple cards, meaning they can use both private and corporate cards. They collect all receipts in the app, where there are links to the most common accounting systems. This means that the flow for business customers is seamlessly integrated - from swiping the card at the restaurant straight through to accounting and bookkeeping. This saves time for the business and reduces the risk of inaccurate bookkeeping.

Read more about disbursement management on the Kivra website.

Environmentally friendly

Did you know that receipts cannot be recycled? The majority use a type of paper of a thermal nature containing hormone disrupting substances that make the receipt effectively non-recyclable. 4 billion receipts are printed every year, which is equivalent to 50 thousand trees. Using digital receipts in your restaurant helps your sustainability efforts for a better environment. Modern diners are increasingly demanding that restaurants strive for environmentally friendly choices. Digital receipts are therefore a service that benefits you, your guests and above all the environment.

How do I connect my restaurant to digital receipts and Kivra?

You apply by sending us an expression of interest via the link. Then, we will call you with more information and turn on the service if you wish. Cost: 99 kr / restaurant unit. You can choose to terminate the service with one month's notice.

Registration of interest: digital receipts