Express checkout

The many benefits of Express checkout


The name of the game: self-service checkout, express checkout, self-service kiosk, self-checkout, etc. We have chosen to call it Express Checkout.

This functionality has become popular in recent years, not least in the context of the corona pandemic. This is understandable when there are so many benefits to letting customers order and pay for themselves - for restaurant owners, guests and staff alike.

Whether you run a restaurant, a café, a hotel or an arena - and whether your main source of income is takeaway, fast food or à la carte - a self-service checkout can make you more profitable. Here are the main benefits, as well as some important things to consider when choosing your express checkout provider.

Benefits for you as an owner

Increased profitability and more sales

More customer cases and studies show that additional sales increase between 30 to 40%. At the same time, you reduce personnel costs and can focus time and resources on other important aspects of the operation. Profitability will skyrocket!

Reduced customer churn

No guest wants to wait in line - ordering quickly and sitting down to a table is becoming an increasingly common requirement. An Express Checkout can relieve and streamline ordering, which in turn reduces queues. Because the worst thing is when the customer turns up at the door.

Increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers

Today's guests have high demands for digitalisation, fast deliveries and minimal waiting time. They are comfortable with taking control themselves and paying in advance. When customer satisfaction increases, guests always come back, especially when they know what to expect from you. Let your business take off by letting customers take control of their own order!

Benefits for your guests

Fast buying process and reduced waiting times

Guests often prefer to order and pay quickly without human interaction that can affect waiting times. According to data, 97% of consumers have at some point backed out of a purchase precisely because it was not convenient and easy enough to complete. So offer a seamless customer experience through modern technology.

Control and correct delivery

Guests are in control of their own order and decide at what pace the order is placed. Today, many guests want to customise their own order and find it easier to do it themselves. Because the guest is in control, there are no errors or miscommunications that affect delivery. An Express Checkout engages the customer - making them curious about an intuitive interface. 65% say they would visit a restaurant more if an Express Checkout was offered (National Restaurant Association, 2019).

Benefits for your staff

Reduce interruptions and stress

Staff juggle varied tasks and need to be in different places all the time - and missing out on certain tasks can create enormous stress for staff. During the lunch and dinner rush, it's important to optimise time. Take the pressure off your staff with a POS system that supports self-service - creating more time for your staff.

Automate work and increase value creation

Get more time for service by minimising the time it takes to receive orders and take payments. You automate the work and flow that creates flexibility. Free up time to focus on what creates value for you and your guests - such as having time to chat, clean up and make sure the food gets out on time. Ordering and paying is not the activity that the guest values.

Important to consider

To truly optimise the benefits, you need to choose a provider that supports essential functions.


Don't forget the important integrations with the remaining POS and accounting. These integrations can significantly improve your workflow. Choosing a separate vendor can mean extra work that eats up the time and value that aquick checkoutcreates. Caspeco's Express Checkout is of course integrated with your other POS and accounting systems to create the optimal flow.

Article register

Save time by using the same item register for all your systems and POS. This is a common mistake many people don't think about when choosing a separate supplier. Caspeco uses the same item register and you only need to update it ONCE.

Design and branding

It is important that your graphic profile is visible to your guests. Caspeco has developed a smart design solution that allows anyone to easily adjust the design. Avoid investing in development hours that take a long time and cost a lot of money. You can control the look and design of your Express Checkout at Caspeco Express Cashier.


Even if an Express Checkout promises additional sales, it is important to ensure that you get data and statistics on the additional sales. It is important that you are able to influence the additional sales based on your preferences. All of this is available with Caspeco Express Checkout - precisely so that you can get as many additional sales as possible.

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