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How the POS system affects your profitability


How does the cash register system affect your profitability?

Many pubs, cafés and experience companies may only think of their POS system as a way to charge. But used correctly, the right POS system can do much more than that. 

Here are some ways you can turn your POS system into a tool for increased profitability.

Reduce your costs

Firstly, an easy-to-manage and user-friendly POS system will save time and frustration - and reduce the risk of unnecessary mistakes. It ensures sustainable and good profitability. It is also important that all employees are trained in the system; all good systems have a thorough approach that optimises flows and reduces costs.

Here are three other ways your POS system can cut your costs:

1. A flexible POS system allows you to move checkout points around, change usage on the same devices and so on, saving you money on purchases and licences. However, don't get "stingy" here - an extra cash point can provide greater flexibility and security at a marginally higher cost.

2. A good link between the POS system and the inventory/purchasing system can cut costs significantly - not least because you save time and money on having to build that integration with the help of expensive consultants.

But why should you have a link between cash and inventory and purchasing at all? Well, because when they can communicate with each other, there are many benefits. For example, the purchasing system can talk to the cash register to see what needs to be bought depending on what has been sold during the evening. Or the inventory system can help you reduce food waste by letting the cashier know which items are getting old and should be sold soon. The potential for profit and cost savings is great when these processes can be automated.

3. A "self-service" checkout reduces personnel costs. Self-service, or express checkouts, are becoming more common. And it's no wonder. They allow orders to be placed without requiring the time of employees - who can instead spend their time cross-selling. Or you can simply reduce staffing levels. 

Increase revenue

A good and modern cash register system ensures first and foremost that the floor can work with quality: with the right things, in the right way, at the right time. The operation simply flows optimally. That means you can take better care of your guests, sell more and increase your revenue.

Here are three other ways your POS system can help you increase your revenue:

1. A good, modern POS system can link to environments outside the dining room - and handle takeaway, delivery services and lunch orders, among other things. When customers can order via their mobile phones, it also creates new revenue opportunities - not least for outdoor restaurants and venues. The sky's the limit when it comes to creating smart new revenue streams with modern technology.

2. Analyse more. The POS can also support a link to an analytics system, which can tell you where margins are highest - and which drinks and dishes you should sell more of to increase your profitability. 

3. Sell more with Self Service. If express checkout can reduce staff costs, it can also increase revenue. Guests tend to buy more when they have to click on their own. In addition, the service can work more focused on service and additional sales.

These are just some of the ways that a smart POS system can be much more than a way to drive sales. Read more here about how to choose the right POS system for your business.