POS system restaurant

How to choose a POS system?


As restaurant operators often have very different ways of working, it is difficult for a single POS system to cover all the needs of all restaurants. So when choosing a system, it's important to think about what your business specifically needs. 

Try to identify the 4-5 points that are critical for you in a POS system - for smooth operation, cost control and profitability. Here are some examples of what to look for.

Functionality and simplicity

Of course, the POS system should have the functionality required to support your business. But it's just as important that the POS system can be adapted to your specific business and working practices - you shouldn't have to change the way you work to fit a new system. 

Scalability and flexibility

Most restaurant and hotel businesses have peaks and troughs, and it's important that the POS system can meet them. For example, you may need more tills during the summer months, or tills in the open air or at temporary outlets. You may also have different needs during the day, such as varying needs for POS and card terminals in bars and restaurants depending on the location of your guests. So make sure your POS system is not locked in its set-up. 

Ease of use

Ease of use is another vital parameter. Everything runs better - and you make fewer mistakes - when all your employees understand the system. Intuitive interfaces - think iOS or Android - reduce the cost of mistakes and increase customer satisfaction, while improving operational efficiency.  

Digitalisation and integrations

Today's restaurants are becoming increasingly digital, and at the same time part of a digital ecosystem. It may therefore be wise to examine how your future POS system works with other players and systems, such as Booking, Delivery, Staff management, Finance, Analytics, Inventory and the like.


Guest behaviour is changing rapidly and it is therefore important that the POS system both works today - and evolves for the future. Mobile ordering and integration with major delivery services are functionality that is becoming increasingly important. And who knows what the requirements will be in a few years' time. Find a system that evolves as new needs arise for you and your guests.