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How to choose a supplier of personnel systems?

Erik Friberg
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How to choose a supplier of personnel systems?

HR & payroll systems for the restaurant and experience industry is a broad area. It combines "hard" issues such as scheduling and pay with "soft" issues such as recruitment and well-being. Here's how to think when choosing a supplier.

As staff are in many cases a company's most important and most expensive resource, the choice of HR systems should be viewed from two main angles: on the one hand, it is of course of utmost importance that these systems work well on their own, but equally important that they work with other production and business systems as this can help you in many ways to optimise operations and create profitability and employee satisfaction.

Four key points to consider when choosing a staffing system for your pub, hotel, café or experience company:

Adapted for your business

The system should be adapted to your business. HR systems are a very broad and general area so choose a supplier that knows your industry. Check with your industry peers and see what systems they use.

Few suppliers

There may be advantages in choosing as few suppliers as possible for scheduling, payroll, time reporting and other parts of the HR systems. It saves time, simplifies log-in and support, minimises the number of integrations and often provides smart synergies.

Established support

Make sure the system provider you choose has an established support team to help you when you need it - and that they can help you with further development and specific needs you have in your business.

Ease of use

Go for a user-friendly system. User-friendliness is important from several aspects, not least because on-boarding and training are much faster. It also reduces the risk of frustration and mistakes among employees.