Naked Juicebar

Caspeco delivers POS system to Naked Juicebars' 27 franchisees


Naked Juicebar chooses Caspeco's POS system after Leeroy's rapid bankruptcy. Caspeco, together with its loyalty partner Piggy, will deliver a complete system support for POS operations to Naked Juicebar's franchisees.
The parties are positive about the future.


- As the dust settles after Leeroy, we look forward to a continued safe journey with Caspeco's ordering platform and its integration with Piggy's loyalty feature, as well as Deliverect's delivery support.
Together they have given us a competitive offering that, combined with what they have presented for the solution now and going forward, makes us feel confident in our choice," says Doug Chamberlain CEO of Naked Juicebar.


When POS system provider Leeroy Group AB filed for bankruptcy at the end of 2022, the future was uncertain for many of its customers. With a more uncertain market, venture capital-based companies are becoming more exposed to financial risk.

At the same time, bankruptcies like Leeroys highlight the central role of systems like these in the industry. Without the system, it is not even possible for many businesses to open for the day. This, in turn, places high demands on the choice of system supplier, according to Caspeco.


- When we chose Leeroy, their product stood out in terms of everything from possible ordering platforms to opportunities to work with customer loyalty. Fortunately, Caspeco and partners have caught up and in some areas even surpassed them," says Doug Chamberlain.


In addition to the POS system, the agreement is flexible in that franchisees can also add Caspeco's staff management and analytics system - a system solution known as Caspeco 360 - if they wish. A flexibility that offers a breadth that Naked Juicebar sees great opportunities with.

- We all have ambitions to contribute to NakedJuicebar's continued journey of establishing small, flexible smoothie bars with a unique concept that exudes wellness and sunshine. We Swedes need that, says Caspeco's CEO, Krister Fingal.