Booking system

Caspeco Booking offers unprecedented possibilities for restaurants, hotels and activity centres - and advanced features for complex operations. 


Menu selection

Let the guest choose dishes directly in the booking system.


Charge in advance - by card or Swish.


See the staffing in the booking system – and vice versa.


Have the booking information moved directly to the checkout.

More than booking.

With Casspeco's booking system, the customer can book food, drinks and activities directly on your web. And pay in advance by card or Swish if you wish.

Oskar Svanström, Bishop Arms
Caspeco is the tool that primarily contributes to us being one of Sweden's most profitable restaurants.
Oskar Svanström @ Bishop Arms
Mobile phone with Swish
Laptop with scheduling

Schedule according to booking mode.

Our booking system talks to Caspeco Staff management, so you can see the booking mode live when it's time to plan the week. So very easy to staff correctly.

Direct from booking to POS.

When the guest arrives, the web booking is moved directly to the checkout, including all pre-orders and menu selections.


Advanced features


Caspeco Bokning also offers advanced functionality for larger projects and businesses with special needs.

Multiple bookings in one

Caspeco's booking system can handle advanced flows – such as when the customer wants to book food, drinks and activity in the same booking. The bookings are then moved to the correct station and POS when the guest arrives.

Custom templates

With Caspeco Booking you can tailor your own quotation and confirmation templates, and create stylish PDFs that retrieve information directly from the booking.

Project marking

Track the costs and revenues of major events and projects throughout the project. And all the data comes with it from online booking to scheduling.

Conference and event booking

Caspeco also offers an advanced conference and event booking system, which can handle bookings that span several days and includes everything from premises, menu, staff, technology and rental goods. Contact us at Caspeco to learn more.

Bowling - Caspeco lane controller

Caspeco Lane Controller currently handles timed games including start, stop, change, extend lanes. Also allows you to enter player names into the booking which is sent along to the bowling system and choose whether one or more players should have bumber. We also collect points at the end of the game so score sheets can be printed from the booking system or emailed to guest.

Integrations and analysis


Smart integrations make the booking system a source of in-depth analysis and simplify both scheduling, bookkeeping and purchasing.

Connection to POS ...

The information in the booking system is automatically transferred to the checkout when the guest arrives, including menu selection, requests and any payments.

... and towards bookkeeping

When necessary, if you use the invoicing function, the booking system can also deliver documentation directly to the bookkeeping – with or without stopover at the checkout. It all depends on your needs.

Simple billing - invoice integration

Our booking system can also create documentation for invoices in invoice systems such as Hogia, Fortnox and Briljant. Perfect when you want to keep your existing invoice system but want the flow between booking and invoice to be linked.

Booking loves schedule

Your bookings are automatically visible in the scheduling, making it easier to analyze and staff correctly – and optimize the pay percentage.

Maxing out the kitchen economy

If you have plugged in menu selection in the booking, the kitchen can see exactly what is ordered for a particular day (or hour) and handle purchases and preparations accordingly.

Booking and payment


A booking system out of the ordinary – with, among other things, built-in menu selections and prepayment possibilities.

Switch on menu selection and more

With Caspeco's booking system for restaurants, the guest can book a table, food, drinks and even bowling or any other activity at the same time.

Get paid in advance

Our booking system makes it possible to charge in advance via card or Swish, or to charge a booking fee or deposit.

No Show feature

You can also charge a fee when the customer does not show up – a so-called No Show function.


With the Caspeco invoice function you have a complete flow from quote to accounts receivable in one system. The invoice function is made to be simple yet powerful.

Full freedom

The information in the Booking System is entirely yours and you own the data. It also allows you to change headings and rules freely, have your own settings depending on the group size – and have different rules for different days and occasions.


How much does Caspeco's different systems cost?

The price of Caspeco's different systems is adapted to your business, so that everyone can use professional systems, independent of size. Then, of course, you get a better deal if you choose to use several of Caspeco's systems.

Do you have a Booking API and integrations in the booking system?

In fact, we have both of these. If you can talk about what is available for a long time, ask us if you want to know more.

What do you charge per booked guest?

We only have a fixed monthly fee which saves a lot of money for your business.

Do you have a prepayment option in the booking system?

Yes, the payment function can pick up and calculate the amount the guest will pay via Swish or card.

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