Strengthen the customer journey

With Online orders

Let your guests order and pay completely digitally, without queues or phone calls. Offer easy access to menus, special offers and payment options. Smart, simple and of course seamlessly integrated with Caspeco's POS system.

Our online order services👇


Web order

Let the guest order directly from your website. No phone calls or queuing. We follow your graphic profile and ensure that all images are of a high standard.

You can change opening hours, waiting times, delivery charges and much more in no time.


For those looking for a restaurant app solution - look no further. We'll help you create a user-friendly app designed for your business. Let potential customers scroll through your menu to find their favorite.


Use QR codes to maximize your sales. Using the code, you can drive your guests to your website or app. Link table numbers or seats to make serving easier. Offer table service, take-away or let the guest pick up the order themselves.

Delivery services

Get automatic integration with delivery platforms like Foodora, Wolt, Uber Eats and more. Orders go straight to the checkout and you don't have to deal with separate iPads and printers in the kitchen.

Express checkout

Use an express checkout from Caspeco to catch your guests on the go. Place near the operation or where your guests are. Of course, it is built to fit your graphic profile and wishes.