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Below is a list of all the features included in POS.

Automatic report sending
Move barnota to table. (One party pays for itself but eats together, several order a bong)
Payment solutions
Via partners; Bambora, Verifone, Nets, Svea, Elavon & Swedbank
Board mode
Shared & integrated with Caspeco Booking, Merge tables, Share tables, Move tables, View number of guests, Pay@table, Message directly on table, Share articles & notes
Central article register
Central control of menus
Express checkout
Multiple payments at the same time
The POS will not be locked upon payment
Integration with Accubar
Inventory software for bar
Integrated booking
The POS is integrated with Caspeco Booking
Integrated invoice
Combination Articles
Oracle Opera, Suite 8, Hotsoft
Cross-coupled card terminals
One terminal to several POS, one POS to several terminals
Customer display
Screen for customers
Kitchen screens
Digital bongs on kitchen screens
Warehouse management
Loyalty card
Digital Loyalty Cards
Mobile orders
Table Order, Take-away, Promotions & Loyalty
Gift card
Digital gift cards
Raw material cost & consumption
Collect bong
Quick payment buttons
Wave coupling
Connect your POS to a scale

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