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The optimal POS system for restaurants

Technology is advancing and affecting the vast majority of sectors in society. Restaurants are no exception and today's guests increasingly expect smart POS systems. This is the need that Caspeco's POS system for restaurants fills. We have developed a cloud-based system that is built to be adaptable to both today's and tomorrow's requirements.

All restaurants that use our POS system can count on the system always generating the right bong, with the right format and sorted to the right station. This applies both when the server buys at the cash register and when guests buy at the table, via QR code, in the express checkout or in a delivery service - such as Foodora, Wolt or Uber Eats. Read on to find out more about our checkout system for restaurants and the features we can offer.

Cash register restaurant - By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs

At Caspeco, we know the restaurant business inside out. In fact, it's precisely this in-depth knowledge that has enabled us to develop our POS system for restaurants in the way we have. We know what it takes to make life easier for the staff because we have the experience to do it ourselves. We also know how best to give restaurant guests a great experience thanks to a smooth cash register system. In other words, we know what it takes to make an optimised restaurant environment. We do this with the help of our POS system for restaurants, Caspeco POS!

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Maximised usability

A POS system for a restaurant must be easy to use for both staff and guests. The same applies to the other types of systems that we at Caspeco have developed. Maximising usability is therefore always a focus for us. Our systems can be easily adapted to each other and we have one and the same customer support for all systems. This makes it easier for customers who use several of our systems.

When you choose Caspeco's POS system for your restaurant, you leave the responsibility entirely to us. Our team takes care of both the installation of the system and the training of the staff. We simply make sure that all relevant parts of your restaurant are ready for the implementation of our POS system when this happens. Once the system is up and running, we are then always available for advice.

Technical description

Let's take a closer look at how our restaurant POS system is built technically. Caspeco POS is based on hardware and software from Apple, so the user interface is familiar to most people. The cloud-based and reliable POS system is easy to master for both restaurant staff and guests right from the start. The system can be adapted to each business that uses it as checkout points and terminals can be added as needed. Delivery services such as Foodora, Wolt and UberEats also interact seamlessly with the POS system for those who choose home delivery from the restaurant. The integration with these services is seamless and this is a hugely important feature at a time when people are increasingly ordering food from home.


Caspeco's POS system includes a wide range of features that facilitate restaurants of different sizes. These are as follows:

Cloud-based cash register for restaurants

Scalable, flexible and reliable - these words sum up our cloud-based POS system for restaurants. Thanks to the centralised operation of the system, the business that uses it can see a number of positive effects. Among other things, hardware costs are of course reduced. In addition, the POS system stores all relevant data for the restaurant from the first moment and can then be easily accessed whenever it is needed. This includes receipts, menus and bills, which can reduce the risk of cost errors.

Digital solutions

Caspeco's POS system for restaurants offers a wide range of smart, digital solutions. This is an advantage, if not a prerequisite, for a business in the midst of digitalisation. With the help of our POS system, your restaurant can, among other things:

Build seamless integrations with other systems, such as billing and accounting systems

  • Creating bongs for the kitchen (KDS)
  • Offer receipts via Kivra to all customers
  • Produce reports on all platforms

Booking and analysis

Many of the restaurants that use Caspeco's POS system also use our booking system. For these businesses, the two systems can be easily integrated with each other. In practice, this means that the restaurant can carry out an automatic transfer of information from Caspeco Booking to the cash register. This is one of the most misunderstanding-reducing features for restaurants in our POS system.

Smart note management

Anyone who has ever run or worked in a restaurant environment knows how many different pieces of the puzzle have to fit together for everything to work seamlessly. The POS system in the restaurant plays a big part in this. Notes should be handled in a seamless manner. It should be possible to make partial payments for those parties that wish and the risk of something going wrong should be minimised. These are the various functions that are provided to the restaurants that use the Caspeco POS system. Our system includes bill management, table cards integrated with Caspeco booking and a wide range of functions that make it easier for staff, the business and the guest alike.

Stock and inventory

There are certain features that, as a restaurant, you expect a POS system to offer. Then there are the little extras that make a system stand out from the crowd. This is one of the features that sets Caspeco's POS systems for restaurants apart. Whether you are working with mini-stocks in a restaurant to track usage over the course of an evening, or you are working with stock values across your entire chain, the Caspeco POS system is spot on.
With the same precision, you can see how many rotisserie chickens are left on the premises tonight, or how many grams and crowns of horseradish have been consumed across all your restaurants... Since the POS system can also be linked to the restaurant's inventory system, it also contributes to a significant amount of time saving.

The right bong, in the right format, in every situation

We conclude the functionality section by highlighting one of the most important features of our POS system for restaurants. Our system delivers the right bong, in the right format, to the right station at all times - without exception. This greatly facilitates both the service and the guests, regardless of whether the bong is delivered at the cash register, at the table, via QR code in express checkout or via delivery service.

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We've mentioned it before and are happy to mention it again. Anyone who chooses a Caspeco POS system is choosing a tool that has been developed by people with extensive experience in the restaurant business. In fact, that's where our business once started. After running a popular restaurant without profitability, we started thinking about how we could reverse the trend. Our thinking eventually led us to as many as four complete systems for businesses in a variety of industries. Today, for example, our POS systems are used by restaurants, and other businesses, all over the Nordic region. We are very proud to have gotten to where we are today.

In this text we will tell you more about Caspeco and the POS systems we have developed for restaurants. If you still don't have an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us!

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The importance of a good POS system for restaurants

There are many pieces that need to fall into place for a restaurant business to function optimally. There should be smooth systems for booking, payment, seating and billing. The food should be good, the prices reasonable and the stock constantly replenished. Not to mention the importance of staff possessing the required and expected skills. These are just some of the components that will make the restaurant wheel turn every day. A POS system that allows the restaurant to keep track of large portions of the business is not only desirable - it's an absolute necessity. There are many restaurant POS systems on the market, and at Caspeco we offer one of the most comprehensive. Our system is designed to facilitate all the quick decisions that need to be made on a daily basis within a restaurant business.

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Under constant development

Since Caspeco's inception in 2006, its operations and systems have evolved in many stages. With each passing year, more and more restaurants are choosing to implement our POS system. This allows us to be a constantly evolving business and that is exactly where we want to be. At the time of writing, we have as many as 2500 active customers across the Nordic region. Our payroll systems handle 89,000 payrolls every month. Our booking system manages 18,000 table bookings daily and we spend 58,000 hours on development every year.

We never get tired of evolving and developing. This is one of our most important success factors. Keeping ourselves in constant motion allows us to remain relevant to our customers. Our POS systems are used by more and more restaurants. One important reason for this is that our systems evolve to match the needs of today. We don't just build POS systems that are adapted to today's conditions. We build systems that can lay the foundations for the future of restaurant operations and the hospitality industry at large.
We're glad you've found us at Caspeco. Of course, we're especially pleased if you're looking for a comprehensive and exceptionally efficient POS system for restaurants. Then you have found the right place. Contact us to find out more about how our POS system can benefit your restaurant. We offer a free meeting and demonstration of the system to anyone who shows interest. No restaurant is too big or too small for our POS systems.

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Being a customer with us

After more than 15 years in the business, we know what it takes to make a successful partnership. We've had a number of them over the years, and the number is growing every year. When you choose Caspeco for your restaurant's POS system, you choose a dedicated and integrated partner. We know what it takes to make the partnership a success and generate the best possible results for your business. It is with this focus that our systems have been developed from the outset.

Comprehensive POS system for your restaurant

Caspeco's POS system for restaurants is one of the most complete and customisable systems on the market. It is, as we mentioned before, developed by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs. As a customer, you can therefore count on the fact that the POS system you use for your restaurant is developed by people who know what they are doing. After many years in the business, we know where the biggest challenges for a restaurant business lie. Caspeco POS is designed to meet the needs of staff, guests and the entire restaurant.

If you want to know more about how our systems, including POS systems, can create profitability for your restaurant - read through Caspeco's profitability guide!

Ability to integrate other systems

It will not have escaped anyone's attention that this text focuses entirely on our POS systems for restaurants. However, we would like to highlight the other systems that we offer to customers in various industries across the Nordic region.

Staff Management

Our personnel system is an excellent tool to combine with, for example, a restaurant POS system. Using this platform, wages and time schedules can be easily reviewed and provide clarity to all involved. A very good addition to the personnel administration, quite simply!


Reservations are one of the most important functions other than cashiering for many restaurants. Caspeco Booking is a system that provides restaurant operations with a good tool to offer and monitor reservations for guests. This system can also be advantageously combined with our POS system for restaurants.


Caspeco Analysis does what its name suggests. The tool offers businesses to get a full overview of their organisation and their business. With the help of the system's functions, a wealth of insights into costs, revenues, salaries, purchases and margins can be offered. For many businesses, the tipping point is when they invest in an analytics tool.

A good dialogue

We know that all successful collaborations begin and end with transparent communication. That's why we strive for this in all partnerships with restaurants when we supply POS systems. When you choose to become a Caspeco customer, you can always easily reach our support team for questions and concerns. We make sure to consistently deliver clear terms regarding costs, implementation, training and all other aspects of the work. We take full responsibility for the optimal functioning of the POS system you use in your restaurant. In this way, you could say that we act as an integral part of your business. You simply don't have to think about anything regarding the cash register anymore, because we already do that for you.

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