Increased profitability

Our recipe for increased profitability.

Caspeco's systems are built to make your operation as smart as possible. When information can flow from your POS to Work Force system – and then through the booking system to your analysis tool – unique possibilities arise. On this page, we'll show you what it might look like, and what it might give you.

Flow 1

Smart Schedules.

See your booking status and historical sales figures directly in the scheduler - and see how much you can schedule to meet your desired payroll percentage. 

Flow 2

Super fast with Swish.

Let the guest book a menu and maybe even prepay in the booking by card or Swish – and have the booking presented at the POS when the party arrives.

Flow 3


The key figures you want, directly in one view. See payroll percentage, turnover per hour worked, average bills and revenue leaders in your own dashboards in Caspeco Analysis.

Flow 4

Optimize your sales.

See which dishes that created most profits, how many desserts you sell per main course, which waiter is best at upselling extras – and much more.

Flow 5

Tipping, made Super Easy!

Load the tip from the pos system, set up tip pools and allocation templates, and generate bank files for payout.

Guides to increased profitability.

We at Caspeco want to help the entire HORECA industry to improve their profitability. Below we gather advice and tips on how restaurateurs and entrepreneurs can use various effective methods to increase revenue and reduce costs.

We guide you to increased profitability.

Our systems, and the entire Caspeco exists to increase your profitability and boost your business.