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By restaurateurs, for restaurateurs

By restaurateurs,
for restaurateurs.

It started with a popular restaurant that wasn´t profitable – and an Excel sheet that turned the loss into profit. Today, the Excel sheet has become four complete systems for the HORECA industry, but the basic idea and aspriation is the same: to create profitability so that you can focus on tastes and guest experiences.

Successfully running a restaurant, hotel or other company within the HORECA industry is a process consisting of hundreds of small and quick decisions – every day. At Caspeco, we know that the end result is the sum of all those decisions, and that a successful and profitable evening is far from a coincidence.

From popularity to profitability

Today's Caspeco arose in 2006 – when a legendary restaurateur met a smart Uppsala student. Per Söderqvist had run a number of popular restaurants, but with mixed financial success. When he ran his restaurant in Uppsala, he brought in a summer intern to help him track down expenses, income, margins and staffing. With the help of a home grown excel sheet, Per Söderqvist was able to get a completely new overview overnight – and profitability rose.

What also rose was the public interest in how Per Söderqvist suddenly managed to turn loss into profit. Several restaurateurs got in touch and wanted to know how it happened – they also wanted to get a better grip on the financials and be able to make smarter business decisions. Caspeco was born.

More restaurateurs got in touch and wanted to know how it all happened – they also wanted to get a grip on the financials and be able to make smarter decisions. Caspeco was born.

Features that make a difference

Today, Caspeco offers four complete systems for the hospitality and experience industry. We call them Booking, POS, Staff management and Analysis - and together they can drive your entire business forward. We've packed our systems with features that we know make a difference; they save time, reduce the risk of mistakes, improve communication and increase margins both in terms of payroll and raw materials.

Caspecos founder Per Söderqvist at the time it all begun
Caspecos Founder Per
with roots in the restaurant industry
Caspeco emerged from the restaurant industry and knows it inside out

We know restaurants and HORECA.

Those of us who work at Caspeco know the business of HORECA. Many of us have worked in the restaurant business for a long time, and others have worked for a long time at Caspeco to help restaurateurs and entrepreneurs with their challenges. This allows us to understand what challenges there are, and what everyday life looks like and should look like to run the busniess smooth, fun and profitable. Our systems are developed and assembled to help you in your daily operation – in every small step from booking to payment. We want to enhance the experience for guests and employees, and make sure you can focus on creating flavors and memories. And of course, creating profitability.

"It saves time, reduce the risk of mistakes, improve communication and significantly increase margins."

Do you have questions about our systems or about something else? Read more here or contact us and we will tell you more.

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