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Payroll, time, scheduling and personnel records in one. Caspeco Staff management gives you simple and smooth administration and overview of your business.

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Fast and easy onboarding.


See how many hours you can schedule to be profitable.


Monitor staff working time through reconciliation periods.


Pay out the tip with a click.

Get the full picture with the Caspeco app.

Scheduling, time clock, time reporting, payroll and specifications, employment administration, shift changes, absences, communication - Caspeco Staff management brings it all together in one system.

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Take advantage of powerful synergies.

Thanks to all the elements of Caspeco Staff management, strong synergies are created. For example, you can see the payroll cost directly in the scheduling, compare time worked against reconciliation periods, staff based on forecasts and booking status and much, much more.

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We gain control over schedules, payroll costs
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Communicate with your employees and let them communicate with each other - after all, communication is everything.

Personal app

With Caspeco Staff management, all employees have access to an app, where they can view their schedule, change tasks, access their contracts, read news, see pay slips and timesheets and much more.

Changing your shift and applying for leave

The app also allows staff to apply for leave, swap shifts with each other, apply for shifts and mark themselves as available or unavailable.

More communication channels

Caspeco staff management of course also have the functionality to communicate with staff via notifications to the app or
email and text messages.



A scheduler that communicates with your other Caspeco systems - to make it easier to staff correctly.

Easy scheduling

Save your schedules in templates, roll out schedules to save time and choose whether or not to rotate them. Add and approve absences, copy and paste functionality and much more.


The scheduling takes information from Caspeco Payroll, Caspeco Anlays and our booking system. Which instantly gives an accurate cost of the pass, a sales forecast and shows the booking status.

Forecast function

In the schedule you can add a sales forecast based on the previous year or AI. Choose your desired pay rate and see immediately how many hours you can schedule to be profitable.


In the daily reconciliation, working hours are approved after being compared with the schedule, and become the basis for wages - smoothly and efficiently. Here you can correct and mark up work shifts, change cost centres, change the length of breaks and much more.

Periodic table

Periodic review is a function that measures how the employee should work according to his agreement over a period. Link your staff to reconciliation periods according to their collective agreement 8- or 16-week periods - or annual working time.

Payroll management


With Caspeco Staff management you get a complete payroll system that makes administration easy.

Complete payroll system

Manage absences, additions and deductions, approve timesheets and check balances - all with ease. Import tax tables automatically via FOS request, levies with reservation amounts and full report generator are just some of the features.

Support for collective agreements

Ongoing updated support for collective agreements in the hospitality sector - including minimum wages, OB, board and holiday values - and monthly provision for Fora.

Salary specifications

Employees receive their pay slip directly in the app, and you can also preview the pay slip continuously during the month as new times and absences are recorded.


Caspeco Staff management provides complete payroll functionality - including warning list, payment list with support for all bank files, accounting/security files and employer declaration at individual level.

Reports for salary statistics

Produce reports and access detailed statistics for analysis - including turnover, average number of employees, business cycle statistics, statistics for the business community and reports.

Time reporting


Everything you wanted in your time report - and much more.

Absence reporting

With Caspeco Staff management, you can report and plan absences either via the schedule or the daily reconciliation. Your employees can also self-report and request absences via the staff app.

Digital time clock

Time clock software can be installed on Windows and iPad devices, with the ability to control different departments for different time clocks. New employees can register here on their first day, and e.g. read, leave messages and change stations. The time clock can also display the staff directory if you wish.

Hour Bank and Red Days

You also get an automatic time bank based on registered time against agreed time. Red days are handled automatically with a separate balance.

Breakdown of costs by place of work

Caspeco Staff management provides you with a simple and accurate cost breakdown of worked shifts. Each individual shift - including all costs - can be cost allocated automatically according to where the employee has worked.

Staff management


Make staff management simple and efficient for both you and your employees.

Smooth onboarding

Easily register new staff with predefined hiring templates. Staff complete their personal details and account numbers themselves.

Electronic signature of contracts

With Caspeco Staff management you can sign employment contracts or other documents.
You also have the possibility to create an attestation system.

Support for tip distribution and payment

Receive tips automatically from the POS system and set up a predefined distribution ladder for smooth management and disbursement via bank file. Staff can also track their tips in the staff app.


Is there integration with my accounting system and bank?

Yes, accounting is transferred and payment files can be sent to all banks, even with ISO20022.

Do I need to be trained in payroll to run payroll in your system?

No, most of our customers manage their own payroll using the system and our support. However, you need to have a basic understanding of collective agreements and laws.

Do you support all the rules in union agreements?

Yes, we fully support Visita's agreement with HRF & Unionen.

How quickly can you get started?

You can be up and running with the staff management system immediately, usually within a few days.

Do you have support for broken pay periods?

No, but we have a simple function to manage the transition from broken pay period to trailing.

How much does Caspeco's different systems cost?

The price of Caspeco's different systems is adapted to your business, so that everyone can use professional systems, independent of size. Then, of course, you get a better deal if you choose to use several of Caspeco's systems.

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