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Below is a list of all the functions included in Staff management.

The system detects when you enter contradictory values on the job and warns, there are also help files and guides in the system
Approve times, correct times, correct break, diet, station or split the session. Enter absences or mark up the session with the reason for the discrepancy
Reconciliation reports/payroll statistics
Fixed reports that help in salary reconciliation. Possibility to create your own reports. Also salary statistics to be reported to various bodies in the salary area such as FORA report
Employer's certificate
Easy way to get an employer's certificate. Integration with
Certificate of employment
Easy to create employment certificates as these are filled with information from the employment
Export accounting
Export of accounts via SIE file
Accounting documents
Click on an account to directly see which persons and payroll events affect the accounting entry
Salary specification
Send pay slips securely with a link to the employee's portal/app where the pay slip is displayed
Employer declaration
Employer declaration at individual level - overview and creation of AGI file for uploading to Skatteverket
Bank files
Format: KI, SUS and LB and the new standard format "bank file XML" ISO 20022
Warning list
The alert list shows what may need to be addressed or should be addressed before the month can be executed. Function with shortcut to the area/employee that needs to be addressed
Payout list
The payment list shows the monthly salary payments
Intuitive payroll management
Intuitive payroll management where the tabs for the different steps are placed in the order they should be handled
Overview of the months of the year with both pay period and payment date and clear status of which months are executed
Final salary
Final salary function. Easy to make final payroll as all final payroll balances are managed in the Final Payroll function
Supplements and deductions
Record temporary or permanent additions and deductions. Overview of all registered surcharges and deductions
Absence management
Planning of absences according to schedule, employment rate or manually. View and manage reported absences. Copy absences. Approve function on each absence. Overview of all recorded absences
Per employee. Separate tab for balances both period & annual
Timesheet summary
Stamped time, OB time, diet, absence hours, overtime, hour bank, holidays etc.
Handling & Flows
Easy management and approval flow of payroll summaries
Quick links
To edit payroll events, account number, tax settings and message on the payroll statement
Salary summary
Displays all payroll events, e.g. selected balances, warnings, etc.
Salary settings
Distribution of salary costs for specific employee. Cost centre to which payroll costs should be allocated for specific employee. Setting for wage allowance
Employment data
Settings according to legal and contractual requirements. Support for the Visita Union, Visita-HRF
Import personal data from the portal. Overview for jobs that need to be completed. Filter function for staff list
Tax tables
Import tax tables via open API
Personal tips
Staff have access to an app where they can easily follow planned payments and summarise tips paid per workplace
Report & History
Tracking drinking events in the system
Paying out tips
Choose to pay tips in cash or by bank file
Tip distribution
Standard distribution according to template or modify individually in drinking pots. Possibility to undo a distribution
Get tips directly from the POS
Signed documents
Saved for easy access per employee, access via the app
Resource planning
Basis for evaluating booking activities
Booking Occupancy
See booking occupancy in the schedule of the selected restaurant
See scheduling
For the selected restaurant/unit
Accounting file
Travel accounts and export of accounting file
Corporate document
Function to upload your own documents for signing
System-specific settings
By category: Certificates, Agreements & Policies (reminder, days to maturity, signing parties and any attachments)
Integration with Scrive to easily sign contracts and certificates electronically
Features for employees
See when they will work and at which station. Change your pass or request to be removed. Search for available passes. Mark themselves as unavailable or available, enter their own absence or request an absence. See how they are doing within a period. Read messages. Change information about themselves. Change language
News & documents
Publish news & documents to employees
Send emails, texts or messages to the staff app
Time clock
Stamp in & out according to schedule. Register employees. Leave a message. Select station. View the staff register. Sign in with code or social security number
Time clock software
Works on iOS or Windows
Personnel logbook
See who is currently working and has historically worked, and track how their passport has changed
Work pass
Select copy and paste passport. Split passes between stations. Comment on work passes. Track history on work passes. Correct and adjust times. Change break & meal deductions. Enter absences. Move shifts etc.
Periodic table
Function to reconcile periods that we are scheduling correctly and the person working is working as they should
Inform about passports
Function to inform the employee about the pass via SMS, push notifications or email
Flat rate costs
Cost settings for flat-rate costs
Scheme settings
Set the colours of a station, the priority occupations or how the schedule should be published for each station. Control which stations should be clocked in according to the schedule and or who is responsible for a station. Under the schedule settings you will also find labels that you can use in the schedule. Set what staff do and don't do in their app
Print the schedule
Different ways to print the schedule
Working time rules
Function to see if you are breaking working time rules
Schedule longer period
Create multi-week schedule based on templates or existing schedule
Templates of the schedule
Save and use templates of the schedule
Mark pass
Create and put predefined labels on the passports
At different levels that the employee can take part in
Staffing levels
A graph shows staffing and expected sales per station per day
Change passport
Employees can swap shifts with each other and wish to avoid working on a date they are scheduled
Managing absence
View and manage when employees apply for absence, they can add themselves as available or unavailable
Create passport
Which can then be applied for by staff
Can be added and viewed directly in the schedule
Sales & payroll percentage - can be added in different levels and ways
Review the schedule
See scheduled time summarized at the employee or station. See the cost per station per day. See the forecast in the schedule. See the payroll percentage in the schedule. See the booking status in the schedule
Requirement scheme
Schedule people or occupations that can then be replaced by people
Create schedule weekly or periodically
Different views for time, stations and person lines. Can be scheduled at different stations and different levels in the organisation

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