Interview with Jonas Matsson - Product Manager Analysis


Jonas Mattsson is Product Manager for Caspeco Analysis. With a degree in industrial economics and kitchen experience from Paris, he was made for the role. It was simply a match made in heaven, as Jonas' 12 years at Caspeco testify. Here is an interview with the man behind Caspeco's Analysis and his views on the industry.

What are your takeaways from the pandemic year?

- If anything, the pandemic and today's high prices have confirmed that restaurants are prioritized regardless of the current economic situation. Restrictions, higher prices and a poor economy, the Swedish people would probably rather lower the house heating to a critical level than abandon restaurant services.

That said, the way we make these visits has changed - fast food and take away have received a huge boost. A trend that seems to be continuing even after the pandemic. It is likely that in the future we will move towards a more American consumer pattern, where takeaway will be an increasingly central part.

How do you see 2023 and beyond?

- I think we will see more business thinking in the restaurant industry, more chains and a clearer focus on business.

In terms of results, I think the industry will do well. Consumers have become accustomed to the new prices, which means a larger margin as raw material prices go down. The use of ordering apps and QR codes will eventually reduce personnel costs, which will further increase margins.

Why should you use analytics?

- The benefits are many, but overall it is an excellent outcome. Clear feedback already when you have closed for the evening. You get a clear indication of whether you are on the right track or if something can be improved.

Where is the most potential with analytical tools?

- Keeping track of staffing is the foundation and the most common use of the analysis. For those who staff, it becomes very clear where and when it is possible to fine-tune personnel costs.

A part of the analysis that is used less, but which has enormous potential, is the one on products. The analysis makes it clear which products are profitable and how profitable they are. Restaurateurs who use this can increase their margins quite quickly with very small measures.  

Final tips

A good basic question to ask is "What do I want the customer to buy?". This could reasonably be a product with a high margin or a product that does not require much effort. The next question then becomes "What do I do so that customers will actually choose that product?". There are many ways to go, but everything from other offerings, pricing, placement on the menu and active sales work can influence your guests' choices.