Increase customer engagement with a loyalty program

Keep your guests coming back for more than just the food. Our loyalty solution gives you the tools to design your own reward and loyalty program. Build stronger relationships with your guests and provide them with values that make them come back again and again.


Engage your guests with gamification, loyalty levels and points.

Include levels in your program to further engage guests and motivate them to become a dedicated visitor. Choose attributes and triggers that control the levels and delight your guests with rewards and benefits specific to them and their level.


Make attractive offers at the right time

With Caspeco Loyalty, you set the limits. Offer your guests extra good deals when they sign up, celebrate their birthday or when they haven't visited you for a long time - the only limit is your imagination. Choose between a bonus check, percentage off, 2 for 1 or other offers that you think your guests will appreciate.

Campaign message

Drive sales with email campaigns

Compose email campaigns from scratch or use our templates - stylish and engagement-driving design, in line with your brand. Choose the triggers you want to use to start your campaigns and then sit back and watch the engagement grow. It could be that guests receive a mailing a week before their birthday, or two months after their last visit.


Unexpected insights with customer data.

Within your loyalty program, every scan, touchpoint and interaction becomes a new source of insight. Each scan enriches your customer profiles and gives you additional information about their preferences, characteristics and segments - all perfectly organized into useful insights that you can use in campaigns.

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