Work Force Management systems for restaurants, hotels, cafés and bars

How a Work Force Management System can increase profitability

Erik Friberg
Staff Management

Increase the profitability of your restaurant

A good HR system can increase your profitability in two ways: it saves time that you can spend on other valuable activities and it helps you to optimise your operations.

Both of these effects are further enhanced when you can link the HR system to other production and business systems such as cash register, booking and analytics. Done right, these systems grow together into a well-functioning whole with the functionality you need. Here are some examples of functionality that can save time and optimise staffing and operations.

Time-saving features

  • All laws, regulations and collective bargaining provisions are preset in all systems.
  • Simple and clear interfaces that make work efficient and reduce the risk of mistakes and frustration.
  • Communication and management via app: for example, fillable passes, scheduling, approval of time and absence and much more. When you and your employees can control a lot with your phone and app, you save time and energy for other things.
  • Support that responds quickly and helpfully. This is not linked to the system itself, but is nevertheless an extremely important parameter when choosing a system.

Features that optimise operations

  • The ability to see the cost of a session when you schedule it. Similarly, the ability to schedule based on forecasts and to be able to see the pay percentage for a given schedule.
  • The ability to see directly in the schedule how many hours you can spend to maintain a certain pay percentage.
  • A punch clock that suggests punching in according to schedule if someone arrives early to work, same if they leave late.
  • Tools that can monitor how someone is working according to the agreed time. This is to avoid people working too much or too little - and the costs that this can entail.
  • The systems that can do this and more are rarely the cheapest on the market, but they are often the most affordable anyway. Because they enable you to make better business decisions and free up your time to spend on sales and customer care.