Caspeco takes over parts of Leeroy's business


The bankruptcy estate of Leeroy and Caspeco have agreed to transfer part of the Leeroy business to Caspeco. This will take place with effect from 1 February 2023. Caspeco's takeover will ensure the operation of Leeroy's services for you as a customer for a period of time.

The takeover will take place in two stages, with Caspeco first ensuring the system operation of the Leeroys platform and then starting a migration to the Caspeco platform. The migration will be carried out in consultation with you, the customer, in an orderly manner. A new agreement with Caspeco needs to be
signed for both of these steps, i.e. we can only ensure operation for those who sign an agreement with Caspeco.

Through the migration to the Caspeco platform, you as a customer will benefit from Caspeco's competitive services. Caspeco will not develop Leeroy's platform, but in its own ongoing development, all the great features of Leeroy will be taken into account.

Today, Caspeco offers four complete systems: booking, POS, staff management and analysis, together called Caspeco 360, which saves time, reduces the risk of mistakes, improves communication and increases margins both in terms of payroll percentage and raw materials.

Krister Fingal - I would like to welcome Leeroy's customers to Caspeco and hope and believe that you will appreciate Caspeco as your partner. Caspeco is a Swedish company that has been operating since 2006 with the focus "by restaurateurs for restaurateurs". We currently have over 2000 customers with operations in the Nordic region and our technology development is carried out at our headquarters in Uppsala.

Karin Whitlock- Together with my colleagues, our primary focus at Leeroy has been to find a stable player that can take on our fantastic customers. I am delighted to hand over our fine business into Caspeco's highly capable hands, which will safeguard our customers' day-to-day operations and further develop their future plans.