Newsletter - October


Here we have gathered some of the updates and news that have been released recently. If you find something particularly interesting, don't hesitate to dive into the system and test it, or contact your Caspeco representative to learn more!


Staff management


  • Pay slips - now possible to send preliminary pay slips.
  • Pass salary - possible to assign a pass salary to the eligible passes. This makes hard-to-staff shifts particularly attractive.
  • Probationary period - the flow of the probationary period is improved and employers will not have to enter the end date of the employment to keep track of when the probationary period ends.
  • Note on employee - users with access to the hourly report can easily write notes on the employee. The note can be assigned a status, deadline date and classified as open or confidential.
  • Payroll assistant - Payroll assistants can now be assigned the "tracking balance" permission.

Schedule and time

  • Smart schedules (beta) - create optimized schedules using AI to reduce labor costs. More information can be found in the interview below.
  • Automatic calculation - the system now calculates the additional time of part-time workers automatically.
  • New punch clock (beta)


  • New filtering - in the document tab the filtering is now extended from 2 months to 6 months back in time.
  • Cancel e-signing - found in the "Documents" tab.


  • New online booking - we will soon launch an updated version of the online booking. The launch takes a new approach to design and gives you the chance to build a booking view that is in line with your brand.
  • New setting - for customers who have both Caspeco Kassa and Caspeco Bokning, there is a new setting regarding automatic opening of notes in the cash register when placing a guest. You can now choose whether a bill should always or never be opened or whether the system should ask every time.
  • SMS notification - it is now possible to choose whether the customer should receive their confirmation by email or SMS in case of cancellation.
  • Article register - set the information you want to see in the register. The article cards have also been given an updated design.
  • Invoice view - updates have been made to further improve user-friendliness.
  • Fortnox - it is now possible to create invoices in Fortnox directly from the booking system and attach attachments from Cloud to Fortnox. The booking reference and the order reference are now automatically synchronized between the systems to avoid errors.


  • New layout - the editing view for individual articles is updated for a more uniform layout.
  • Improved item register synchron ization - now you can save time by synchronizing the entire menu or specifically selected items - quickly and easily!
  • PIN code for users (coming soon) - users can be assigned a self-selected PIN code in the back office instead of an auto-generated one.


  • Fixed amount - set up predefined amount discounts that can be used at checkout.
  • Optional value - enter the value of the discount, either as an amount or percentage, and choose whether it can be set at the time of sale.
  • Single item - swipe on an item line to set discounts on specific items.


For those of you who work with loyalty, there will be lots of new functionality - stay tuned!



  • Deleting reports - the system now automatically deletes reports that have not been used for a long time.
  • Group system - new standard dashboard and standard reports for better structure.
  • Business units - settings can now be set per unit with day break for more precise analysis.


Support - Caspeco customers can now create cases directly in the Cloud.


Deep dive - Human Resources and Smart Schedules

In this interview, we delve into the process behind Caspeco Personal - how is development prioritized, what is the driving force and what will the personnel system of the future look like? Our product manager for Personal has the floor!

- Our goal is to constantly reduce the number of admin hours for our customers. The HR team's latest project has explored the possibility of using AI technology to achieve just that. The result is Smart Schedules - a tool that uses the customer's sales forecast and desired pay rate to find an optimal schedule.

Read the full article


Table booking in the Cloud - webinar

Would you like to learn more about how to manage and administer Caspeco's booking system? We hold webinars with different themes for educational purposes during the fall. Learn more about admin, payment, no-shows and much more for free! The webinars vary from 30 to 45 minutes in length and are led by our booking experts.

For those who work in service or similar, we recommend the shorter webinar Basic. For those who have admin rights, we recommend the longer webinar Admin.

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