olearys restaurant system

O'Learys Group's new framework agreement will make life easier for 100s of units worldwide


In the spring, O'Learys Group signed a new framework agreement with the system supplier Caspeco. The agreement will provide all units within the group with a complete restaurant system, a collaboration that will make life easier for guests, franchisees, management and staff at over 120 units worldwide.  

The O'Learys Group and Caspeco have worked closely together for many years, with franchisees using Caspeco's products to offer guests table and activity bookings, online orders and several payment methods. In addition to solutions for their guests, Caspeco has made it possible for franchisees to administer everything related to staff, including scheduling, time clocks and payroll. The partnership is now being stepped up in a new agreement that gives all franchisees access to Caspeco's full range of products for several years to come.  

"The goal is to take digitization to the next level and become even more data-driven. For us, it's important that we have a homogeneous system with an item register and a cash register for all units in order to run and analyze the business. This is just as important for us at group level as it is for the individual franchisee who wants to optimize their unit," says Andreas Myhrman, CEO of O'Learys Group.

Focus on growth and support

The O'Learys Group currently extends to 15 countries and includes around 120 units around the world. Despite the success, there is a stated ambition to grow further, which places high demands on everything from operations to support.  

"There is a growing demand to be able to gather everything under one roof. Other industries have come further on the journey, but now we see how the restaurant industry is increasingly seeing the benefits of bringing together products, support and knowledge," says Caspeco.

"It's always great when our customers grow and take us out into the world. We have had a very good partnership with most of the O'Learys units for many years and together we have developed our booking service into something we are both proud of," says Daniel Tallbo, Sales Manager at Caspeco. O'Learys Group is a complex chain that requires a system that handles that complexity in a simple way for the user, and we are extremely proud that they choose to expand the collaboration with us, Daniel concludes.  

Caspeco's restaurant system will be gradually rolled out in O'Learys Group locations worldwide.