Michelin-starred restaurant meets takeaway pizza - Stella redefines the modern pizzeria

Patrik Pettersson

The pizzeria on the corner is run by a star chef. This is the case if you live near a Stella pizzeria. The founder of Stella, Michelin-starred chef Jonas Lagerström, has earned accolades from the Swedish National Culinary Teams, Chef of the Year and the Chefs' Battle. Now he is redefining the modern pizzeria in everything from raw materials to operating systems for the business. 

Stella is one of Sweden's fastest growing pizza chains. Since opening in 2022, they have increased by another seven units. A progress that testifies to a successful concept.

- We want to redefine the Tuesday pizza you buy on the way home from work. Everyone should feel welcome, it shouldn't cost a fortune and it shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. Just like the local pizzeria, but with a new standard for ingredients and craftsmanship," says Jonas Lagerström, Stella's founder.

 Together with their partner Danny Falkeman, Jonas and Stella have found a unique position in the market. With carefully selected ingredients, they offer premium pizzas for around a hundred dollars. A modern pizza that competes with both the local pizzeria and finer restaurants.

Stella's modern concept has made them a leading player, but in order to grow further, they are now investing in parts outside the menu. One such investment is the collaboration with restaurant expert Caspeco, which will strengthen Stella's system use in staff management, POS and analysis.

- For us, it is extremely important that all parts of Stella maintain a high standard. In Caspeco, we have found a partner who can match our ambitions. Whether it's everyday critical parts or insights over time, Caspeco delivers a profitable solution that matches our brand," says Jonas Lagerström.

"Stella is an incredibly exciting chain. They have really found a concept that suits a broad target group," says Caspeco, who is positive about the collaboration.

- " We are very happy to support an exciting chain like Stella on their journey forward. Their brand and concept are really in line with our own values, which makes the collaboration extra fun," says Krister Fingal, CEO of Caspeco.