Svenska Brasserier personnel system

Svenska Brasserier invests in Caspeco's personnel system.


The restaurant group Svenska Brasserier, parent company of some of Sweden's most well-known restaurants, chooses Caspeco as its system supplier. The restaurant empire is investing in new functionality and gathering all restaurants under one supplier, a decision that aims to increase efficiency and control in a group that includes 600 employees.

Svenska Brasserier is one of Sweden's largest and most well-known restaurant brands. With a strong foothold in Stockholm, they serve food to thousands of guests every day. An operation that requires extensive control and structure.

- In the current industry climate, it is particularly important to be able to make informed decisions. Through our collaboration with Caspeco, we have found a way to continuously monitor and follow our key figures in real time. This strengthens our ability to react proactively and strategically in the future," says Michael Porseryd, CEO of Svenska Brasserier.

Svenska Brasserier was created in 2012 and today has some of Sweden's most well-known restaurant brands. Over the years, the group has grown with several new businesses and today includes the following restaurants:

- Sturehof

- Riche and Teatergrillen

- Taverna Brillo

- Luzette


- The Hills

- Ulriksdals Värdshus

- Rich Fenix

- JMR catering and events

- Gondolas.

Restaurants that in the future will use Caspeco's HR system and Analysis to develop their business.

The new collaboration aims to strengthen the group's ability to make business decisions that benefit employees and guests for years to come. This is made possible by functionality that is specially designed to work data-driven. In addition to business-critical functions such as scheduling, payroll and pass applications, the system offers tools for budgeting, forecasting, insights, benchmarking and group dashboards. A combination that Svenska Brasserier sees great opportunities with.

- For us, it is extremely important that all parts of our business maintain high standards. In Caspeco, we have found a partner that can match the high demands we place on ourselves and our suppliers. Regardless of whether it's a matter of operationally critical parts or insights over time, Caspeco delivers a solution in line with our vision for high standards and ambition," says Michael Porseryd.

An exciting partnership, says Caspeco, which once again gains confidence as a supplier to Svenska Brasserier.

- I think I speak for everyone at Caspeco when I say that this is a great reunion.

We are proud to once again be part of their journey forward. A fine trust that we will manage in the best possible way, in true Caspeco spirit," says Per Söderqvist, founder of Caspeco.