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Below is a list of all the features included in Booking.

Joint invoices
For recurring bookings/orders on a unique customer
Notifications (take-away function)
Notifications of new orders received via audio, SMS or email.
Delivery (take-away function)
For outbound deliveries, reports that can be filtered by postcode can be used.
Bongs for the kitchen
For take-away, orders are printed a selected number of minutes before pick-up time.
Take Away function
The customer can book a meal for pick-up or delivery.
Article register
Same article register for Booking and POS
Booking linked to POS (invoicing)
Notes created at the checkout can be linked to existing customers from the booking system and invoiced directly. Possibly through an external system via an invoice integration.
Booking linked to POS
Booking can open a note on the selected table at the POS when guests arrive. Pre-selected items and message are included.
Bowling settings
Points and player names are kept on the new course, restart game & print/email score sheet to guest
Walk in
Extending games, changing lanes during games etc
Bowling booking
Lane Controller: start/stop bowling lanes
Selected match/project
What events, matches, projects can bookings on a certain day be tagged with.
Payment method
List your payment methods
To tag bookings (Ex. AW bookings, bookings created by 3-party from API, Lunch, Dinner, Hotel guest)
Agenda note
For things all booking users need to know
Waiting list bookings
(send SMS when table is available)
Own design
Offers/Confirmations sent directly from the system
Manage bookings
(drag&drop on other tables/resources, change menu, send confirmations on changes etc.)
Note templates for text that is often added to bookings
Reimburse prepaid amount
Take Away function for ordering Pick-up/Drop-off
With or without prepayment by Swish/card
Cancel booking
Receive a booking reminder by SMS
Receive/send confirmations via SMS/E-mail
(several languages)
Order menu from menu mailing by staff
Send menu to guest, get reply directly in the system
Registering cards at Noshow booking
(no money is deducted at the time of booking)
Pay with Swish/card in the online booking flow
Order menu directly in the online booking flow
Book tables and other resources online
Book e.g. bowling and table in the same flow. In several languages.
Activity Centre
More activities in the same booking. Module to manage bookings like Conference, Event or Catering. Common to these is that the bookings can span large time intervals and contain a lot of information (articles and free text).

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