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How is the industry doing - Caspeco takes stock!


Sales in 2022 increased by 4% compared to a pandemic-free 2019. See day-by-day graph above. This is despite the pandemic-heavy start to 2022. During non-restricted parts of the year, the industry performs even better. Something that gives a hopeful forecast for the year 2023.

Wage percentage

The 2022 wage rate decreased by almost 1 percentage point to 36.5% compared to 2019.

The figures are based on about 700 Caspeco customers across Sweden with an average turnover of about 15m/year. The figures are used by the Riksbank, Konjuktursinstitutet and Visita, among others, as a measure of the state of the industry.

Product news not to be missed!

Here you will find some of the newest features from Caspeco;

Staff management
  • AI forecasting directly in the schedule - powerful tool for cost-effective and smart scheduling.
  • See last year's forecast for current dates in the schedule and much more. We'll help you customise reports to provide you with scheduling insights.
  • There is now a "drag and drop" function for sessions in the schedule.
  • Online orders - since some time we offer a complete solution for QR and App. You easily manage the entire flow directly in your POS.
  • Park notes in POS - now you can park notes to come back to them later, without having to put them on a table.
  • Bulk editing of items - now you can mass manage product groups without going into individual items. Change VAT rate, price, receipt setting, etc.
  • Longer time span for reports. Now you can take out your sales report for the last year directly in checkout and have it sent to you by email.
  • Now our integration between Caspeco POS and Booking also handles activities such as activity centres where guests and staff add multiple activities for a group in the same booking.
  • Central item register - possible to centrally manage items for all group entities and still be able to invoice locally. Article changes affect both POS and Booking.
  • Time control of how close to their booking guest is allowed to cancel via cancellation link in email confirmation. You also have the option to control particularly large parties and that they should not be able to cancel via the cancellation link in the email confirmation.
  • For those who use Caspeco's POS, it is possible to link the POS key to the employee and thus obtain sales per hour worked per employee working in service.
  • Insights where you will receive a summary of how the week went and why via an email on Monday morning.
  • AI forecast now available! Let our system find a more profitable solution for your business.
Caspeco 360 - coming soon!
  • Single sign on - all login is done in one place.
  • Products will have a common interface.
  • Loyalty - common loyalty management in all sales channels.
  • Campaign support - there will be broad support for timed campaigns.  

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Caspeco buys parts of Leeroy's bankruptcy estate

The bankruptcy estate of Leeroy and Caspeco have agreed to transfer part of the Leeroy business to Caspeco. The deal was finalised in mid-January 2023.

Now, just over a month later, we can say that the transition is progressing as planned, with a positive response from stakeholders.

For us at Caspeco, it has been important to look after the customers who have been affected and ensure that they get the support they need to run their business properly. Through close dialogue with the affected businesses, we have in many cases found a good match in our own system offering that replaces and enhances previous Leeroy products. In other cases where additional solutions have been required, we have decided to broaden our offering to meet the market. A development that will benefit all our customers in the long term.

Not least in customer loyalty solutions, where we can now offer a modern solution in line with our other services. Great news for our existing customers, new customers and of course for us at Caspeco as we grow and become stronger in our services.

- I would like to tell our customers, new and old, that it is a pleasure to follow your activities. As you grow and break new ground, so do we. Something that will strengthen the whole industry in the long run, says our CEO, Krister Fingal.

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How to increase sales with loyalty

After a broad review of stakeholders, Caspeco has partnered with one of the best providers of customer loyalty systems on the market. The partnership with Piggy allows us to offer our clients a complete loyalty solution, alongside our own services.


  • Points system
  • email marketing
  • Gift card
  • Campaigns
  • Analysis
  • Automatic mailings for birthdays, etc.

And much more.

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